A noisy frog, blood gobbling mosquitos and the ABFF….

Miami is hot as hell!!! I just thought I’d add that right at the top since I’m sweating like I’m evading the IRS and I haven’t moved so much as an inch in 10 minutes. The ABFF is upon us and I’m finally getting my chance at the dance (and I don’t even have shoes on) despite not having an actual entry into the festival. I can’t say that my start to this trip has been a smooth one with the writer/producer Kennedy Ross having the misfortune of purchasing tickets from a striking airline and with me breaking my phone on my very first day here; my breathing techniques are helping out big time.   The vibe of this town on this particular trip is saying something to me but I’m not trying to listen too much because that type of auditory influence I cannot cope with due to my superstitious nature. I have met quite a few people that are interested in my little films down here and most of these people were bone sober when speaking to me so I don’t know if it’s something in the water or if they see something that my overly critical self cannot see.  Some feedback has come in on the film front that was quite candid and truthful from some respected and some not so respected sources but candid nevertheless and I understand now that while I like it to come with no chaser I still have to have the constitution for the drink and let me say this right here, right now, I can rub the ink off a label of hooch so keep pouring it straight. I feel as if I’ve entered into the realm of legitimacy with having my first session of film firebombing fresh in the air while I hold my film DVD still in its case complete and I realize that this is truly a great feeling. I’m not some masochist that wants to dodge tomatoes and funky eggs or something preposterous like that, I’m just happy that if I didn’t have a film I wouldn’t be of note one way or another and that would truly be deserving of some firebombing.   The hour is late and more pertinent, relevant issues will be touched upon after the first day but for now I’m running to the gun shop to get me some frog killin weapons and a mosquito nuke em device and with that said I’m gone.


~ by skilletsauce on June 23, 2010.

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