Howdy 2009

shapeimage_21“I live another year, isn’t that grand”

Dance” by Earth People stomping me into the AM bringing me back to circa 1990 even as 2009 is freshly upon us. I used to smash this track with all the energy of a new pup trying to find himself in the social scene that was NYC “back in da’ day” and I would be an absolutely piss faced liar if I said I didn’t long for those days where I really could just “Dance” until I dropped from cramping, sweating out all of the impurities of my then life until I was cleansed thanks to the freedom of that sweet exhaustion; now where’s my time machine. Enter 2009: New President, New Hope and some real issues on the horizon but that will play out how it plays out and there’s not much I want to speak on pertaining to these weighty things during this writing, instead I want to talk fireworks. Yes those loud, colorful distraction that go “BOOM BOOM BOOM’ piercing the night and jarring the nerves. Those wonderful celebratory distractions that for a brief time can accomplish much of what those sweaty NY Clubs could accomplish way back when. Have you ever tried to think of anything significant during a live fireworks exhibition <rhetorical> it’s virtually impossible because of the non syncopated rhythms of the BOOM BOOM and the SIZZLE SPARKLE AND MEGA BOOM! Fireworks (depending on proximity) force you to stay in the moment and acknowledge them and only them creating a period where you are free to just “be” until that last bombastic symphony erupts and you must return to your body and subsequently your life.  Every year I trot to Prospect Park Brooklyn -alone- to catch the show an feel the energy of a couple a hundred strangers and a few winos with no expectations other than “a 15 minute reprieve”. This year it was BRICK enough to make the “Snow Miser” proud and my fingers felt as if they were going to snap off at the shoulder but I thought warm thoughts of hope and promise and all of that good type of stuff. Starbucks coffee had a truck parked at the Grand Army Plaza entrance bestowing the gift of free hot chocolate upon the frigid masses and I couldn’t help think how this sort of looked like a bread line scenario and it gave me uneasy pause for a few seconds. The truck might be the future of Starbucks since they are closing so many locations nation wide; now if they could figure out how to strap a rolling couch on the back for those 08’ trendy hipster holdouts that absolutely must sit at a cafe to check their emails and look fly.  DAMMIT!!! I’m still only 1 tumbler of wine in and I need to get a move on it if I’m going to get soused and knock myself into a stupor in order to slow my mind down long enough to sleep (curse my over active brain for it will not let me rest well these days).

Christmas redub:

Christmas was cool but I jacked up my family offering (a coffee cake) because of a really stupid decision on my part to put a pizza pan underneath my malleable silicone cake pan (for stability) therefore the heat didn’t transfer resulting in a sqwooshy nightmare that wasn’t fit for a hog to ingest. damn I really hate failing in the kitchen but I shall rise again from this culinary disaster to bake again, that’s a promise. Speaking of failure, I just can’t shake this painting funk I’m in, I couldn’t draw water from a well right now and it’s frustrating as hell. It would seem that my social damnification is causing set backs of the like that it’s an arduous task just to rise in the morning let alone function properly on an artistic level. I’m rugged as a bushman’s heels but even I can be overwhelmed.——Someday——

My family was cool and all and the kiddies had a great time and that made the day worth while. Santa is still a motherfucka because I still haven’t received my “Ricochet Racers” or jack stamp of what I asked for so that bastard can slide down a chimney laced with sulfur and land on a keg of gunpowder!!!! (nahhhh the world needs Santa so he gets a life time pass from my wrath).

The vision of the fields of tall grass and the hollow eyes still hold true

but my hair still hasn’t grown to it’s proper length

I’m still solitary, alone and prone,

can’t I just go home?

Please can I just go home?


There will be more to come on the film front, more to come on the art front and (I PRAY SO HARD) that there will be more to come on the peace of mind front but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad now is it. Peace to Mommy and Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa Murray, Grandma and Grandpa Kendall, Uncle Waynie, Uncle Junior, Great Aunt Fan and Great Aunt Dessie, Uncle Lindsey, Katie, My boy Freddie, Hervy (AFROOOOMAN!!) and all the rest. You will not be forgotten as long as I have life left and I WILL see you again.  Peace to my family and their friends, Peace to all of my friends and their families and friends and may 2009 bring you joy, peace, prosperity, health, harmony and all that good stuff.



~ by skilletsauce on January 2, 2009.

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  1. work?

  2. You dear speak ill of christmas traditions! Ha! LOL

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