Dancin’ at The Brooklyn Museum

shapeimage_22“King for a Day” by Jamiroquai is keeping the parting going in my head long after the last of the lactic acid burn; what the hell am I talking about??? Dancing at the Brooklyn Museum of course!!! I had my monthly fix of sweat and ass shaking and all sorts of aural jubilation to hold me over for a few days before the realities of “this” world comes to put cement in my galoshes. <Rouge Rouge “C’est presque ça” up to bat now>. I started out the day trying to sort some mess pertaining to my crummy day job and had just about enough when 5 PM rolled around and I could feel my big toe start to tingle and I KNEW there would be some dancing in my immediate future. I met up with some regulars at the Museum and it seemed like the only thing that would come in abundance was the impending snow flurries for the place was on the anemic side. Not concerned by the lack of patrons I would spend some time in the auditorium catching some live jazz before the inevitable rush of the fashionably tardy shuffled through the doors.  Now I wish I could say that I could shake the sticks (I have pelican legs so what) like years past but I am sadly not in form yet I can still get by and score a rug if I can’t manage to cut all the way through. Dancing brings me back to the days when my Auntie Barbara would let me be her dance partner to entertain her guests or when my Mommy would “get down” with me and show me all the hot, fly steps of the day, this is why I will always dance and keep dancing until my knees turn to powder and my hips fuze from age. I shook what I had and commenced to acting the fool with my fool partner “the infamous” Milk and as usual we entertained as sweaty ice breakers letting the people know that we Brooklynites bring the party with us wherever we go, after all the saying goes “is Brooklyn in Da’ House”? Nuff said. I danced to prolong the moment and defy the natural perceptions of time because that’s what the Dj ordered and YES “Last Night a DJ Saved My life” believe it.  Moments after vacating the museum I found myself looking at my breath amidst some slush & slosh and a few hundred former dance partners pondering my next move; “I guess it’s the computer and some late night grub for me” I thought (and I was right). Sooooo no weighty messages or grim pontifications this time out <nope> no morbid ruminations allowed for I DANCED tonight and that’s what tonight was about, period.  Me thinks I will put up some info on the small film I’m lensing  as well as some art work and stuff in the morning but now I’m off to dream some good dreams about some gooodie good things and maybe I can do a little two step with Mommy while I’m at it; after all it is a dream right? Remember dance is a celebration of life so make it your business to put a little “gettin down” in your future.  With that said I’m gone……


~ by skilletsauce on December 7, 2008.

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