P.S.20 & “The Gruffalo”

Mulatu Astake “Tezeta” on the Tunes and a little “Black Swan” Chardonnay going down the tubes as I sit satisfied after building my latest creation, a lasagna. I built this thing at such a late hour not because I was jonesing for a piece of my favorite dish but more of an exercise in simple concentration; I set a goal and I accomplished it, headache and stress worries be damned and for that I take a small measure of simple satisfaction (more on this later).  I had a chance to experience a bit of the young life yesterday with my little cousin who was kind enough to allow me to accompany him to see the british stage production of the children’s story “The Gruffalo” at BMCC.  My Auntie fixed us little lunch bags with chips and sandwiches, sip boxes and other tasty goodies and we headed over to the theater in a yellow school bus.

NOTE: These things should be put out of action for fear of lawsuits. The lack of suspension on these things can only be tolerated by someone under 80 pounds with malleable bones and healing powers that rival Wolverine i.e: children, NOT ADULTS!!!! I felt as if my colon would drop out of my ass and my tongue would get snapped off at the tip due to this outrageous jarring and tossing about; definitely not a pleasant ride to say the least.

The little kids were running about engaged in their social clicks and just having the time of their young lives and why shouldn’t they after all their only purpose at that moment was to do just that. With the focus of lasers they fixed on to that objective and LOCKED ON like little sugar infused missiles, bless their little hearts.  I really wish beyond wishes that I could someday recapture that ability to stay in a moment without worrying about bogus bailouts and the economy and whatever personal trauma I’m undergoing at the time but without being 4 foot tall…absolutely not that short again. The performance was a good one and the Gruffalo was sufficiently stinky and oger-ish and he had the kids eating out of his paws or whatever he had for hands; such POWER!!!! “the gr gr GRUFFALO”!!!
Now the Adult enters the Blog……booooooooooooooooo

I really took a look at some things today for just a brief moment and I had to damn near recoil in disgust because I read some news about the FDA finally admitting that mercury in fillings has neurotoxic effects on children. Now for those that know me know I am into health food and vitamins and I’m very much against most of that FDA approved gawbage because I don’t think they give a rats left foot about any of us if we don’t have a huge stock portfolio featuring some drugs they’re backing. These absolute vomit mongers issued this warning as a condition in a lawsuit being settled with several health groups!!! so NOWWW because of some legal issue they can tell you that these fillings are bad for you even though they knew this all along..hmmf!  These pigs along with their loved ones should have all of their fillings replaced with molten Plutonium and they should have fresh holes drilled by the ghost of “Dr. Christian Szell” and then -just maybe- will they have a human feeling even if it is stark raving terror. I try so hard to take the Sherlock Holmes approach to information and news and remain semi ignorant to certain things because I know that I will become incensed and frustrated but ever so often I pull off my cloak and expose myself to that ugly soft tissue. These companies just like these banksters (it’s a new tag so it’s not misspelled) are nothing but debased flotsam that is undeserving of the privilege to be called human and only a hollering stint in hell’s cauldron No. 23 is befitting. I am trying to see the roses daily I truly am, I want to see the sky and not see that chemtrail crap, I want to read some food ingredients and not feel like I’m in chemistry class, I want to look at the TV and not feel like some exec is laughing at just how stupid he feels I am and I want to look at this world and not feel that we are in the times of change that usually results in a biblical purging but I CANNOT; so I look at the kiddies. <dig that segue> They can keep to their immediate goals even if frivolous and progress from there and I must learn that again. I do not intend for this blog to be redacted due to my inability to conceal my distain for these times or my inability to channel a “cartoon” Ostrich but I do not want to come across as a kvetching sod so what am I to do now??? I will keep on keeping on and with any good fortune I won’t let the bile spilleth over too much. Now I’m fully down one bottle of Chardonnay and I still have more laundry to do so with that said…..I’m gone


~ by skilletsauce on December 4, 2008.

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